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Shawna Phillips

Shawna has belonged to the Killarney Garden Club for thirteen years and has been an active member of the Killarney Turtle Mountain Communities in Bloom for the past ten years.

She is on the Manitoba Communities in Bloom Board of Directors and is thrilled to be working with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team.  This is her fifth year judging and she is looking forward to visiting many of Manitoba’s communities who share the same vision.

As a Capital Planning Assistant, Shawna acquired the skills necessary to be a planner/organizer and the computer skills for drafting the plant drawings and preparing the documents necessary for ordering the plant material for the town.

Shawna has a keen interest in environmental issues particularly at the home level, focusing on what each person can do, one step at a time.

Shawna’s hobbies and interests include gardening, cooking, camping and when she is south for the winter months she enjoys building houses in Mexico with her husband and gardening in a completely different climate.