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Canada 150th Anniversary Tulip

Pariticpating communities are visited by a two person judging team made up of qualified volunteers who will provide the community with a written evaluation and a bloom rating of one to five blooms (five being the highest ranking). This evaluation considers the accomplishments of the entire community (municipal, private, corporate and institutional sectors, and citizens). The community recieves their bloom rating at a provincial awards ceremony in the fall.

Want more information on how your community can participate in MB CiB?

CLICK HERE for a Community Participation Guide

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There are 3 program registration categories to choose from


Provincial – Evaluated 

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In the Provincial – Evaluated category communities are provided with a comprehensive evaluation beneficial to community development which focuses on beautification, environmental and heritage conservation efforts. Two CiB judges provide a written report with specific feedback on community successes and constructive suggestions for improvement. Evaluated communities are provided with a bloom rating (1 to 5), a special mention (community highlight), and an Evaluation Report. Qualifying communities from this category will be invited (but not obligated) to participate in the national competition the following year


  Levels for 5 Bloom Communities — bronze, silver and gold levels

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Five bloom communities participating in the Provincial – evaluated category will now receive a three level rating – bronze, silver or gold. The rating is as follows: 5 Blooms = 82 to 83.9%; 5 Blooms (Bronze) = 84 to 86.9%; 5 Blooms (Silver) = 87 to 89.9%; 5 Blooms (Gold) = 90% and over


Special Attraction 

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The Special Attraction category is available to Manitoba green attractions such as parks, living history museums and public gardens. This category has its own unique Evaluation Form. The 6 criteria remain the same as the other program categories however focuses on management, planning, maintenance, improvement and innovation The Special Attraction is evaluated by 2 judges and provided with a written report & a bloom rating. Qualifying Special Attractions will be invited (but not obligated) to participate in the national competition the following year


Provincial – Non  Evaluated 

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The Provincial – non evaluated category is available to communities who have participated in the MB CiB program; have been evaluated in the last three years; wish to continue to support MB CiB program objectives however are in need of taking time off from evaluation. Community is not judged by MB CiB judges. Communities are included in all networking opportunities (i.e. CiB quarterly newsletter, sponsor information, grants/funding information, Annual Conference and Awards)


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