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Kaaren Pearce

Kaaren Pearce is a formally trained Horticulturalist and Certified Arborist who started her career as an Estate and Base Gardener in Alberta. Kaaren has worked for many different garden centers, nurseries, and golf courses, she managed and owned landscape companies that did every aspect of landscape both soft and hard landscape. Throughout Kaaren’s professional career, she designed residential, commercial and industrial spaces as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds, horticultural therapy gardens and school yard naturalizations. She wrote a curriculum for using these spaces for the Ontario Government in which horticulture was used as a tool to work with street youth to aid in getting them off the street and back on track.

Kaaren spent many years working with Greenroofs and living walls, patented her own system and installed and maintained over 20 living roofs. She has been a consultant on hundreds of projects including the McCormick Building in Boston, where the green roof was used to phytoremediate (clean) the boiler water from a 1920s art deco building.

Today, Kaaren is the Director, Grounds for Assiniboine Park Conservancy where she is responsible for overseeing general grounds maintenance requirements including areas such as turf, urban forestry, snow removal, irrigation systems, custodial services, natural areas management, park amenities and waste management in the Park. She also manages the Park’s environmental program and provide support to special events and Zoo horticulture including the landscape for the Journey to Churchill.