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Manitoba Communities in Bloom Incorporated


The Manitoba Communities in Bloom program provides a comprehensive evaluation beneficial to community development. It encourages all sectors of the community to work together to develop best practices to achieve clean, green sustainable communities that celebrate their heritage and unique potential.

CiB judges tour participating communities providing an evaluation which focuses on beautification, environmental and heritage conservation efforts.

The definition of a community for the purpose of this program is a town, municipality, village, or hamlet with residences, businesses, institutions and a local governing body (elected or not). Communities are divided into categories according to population to determine the registration fee and are evaluated on the accomplishments of their whole team (municipal, private, corporate and institutional).

Evaluated communities are provided with a bloom rating (1 to 5), a special mention (community highlight), and an Evaluation Report. This report provides specific feedback on community successes and constructive suggestions for improvement.

The Evaluation assesses the following six categories:

  • Tidiness Effort: Maintenance of buildings and structures, removal of litter, weeds and graffiti
  • Environmental Action: Waste reduction, sewage disposal, recycling, composting, integrated pest management (IPM) and water conservation
  • Heritage Conservation: Efforts to preserve built heritage; natural and cultural heritage
  • Urban Forestry: Existence of long and short term planning, by-laws and standards for planting suitable trees, appropriate care practices
  • Landscaped Areas: Community efforts to make plants an element of surroundings; colour, texture, regional suitability, native species and maintenance
  • Floral Displays: General beautification with beds, containers and ornamental displays